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Welcome to Iron Zeppelin Productions

Just about 18 years ago we here at Iron Zeppelin Productions started a haunted house in the neighborhood. Every year we would add on to our custom decorations. Eventually we became so popular we had to move the haunted house from our basement to a trail where we would have more room to grow. In 2000 we discovered Dragon*con. Our first year costumes were the stepping stones that led us to this point. In recent years we have created all manner of costumes and prop pieces including portable bar backpacks, puppetry costuming and even a fourteen foot airship that was included in the Dragon*con parade. Over the years we have won multiple awards and contests for our work and ideas.


Our Achievements 

  • 1st place at AnachroCon costume contest 2012.
  • Best Steampunk- Dragoncon Hall costume contest.

Our "Roots" Gallery

This is a gallery of pictures that show some of our builds from past years. Take a look and enjoy a visual journey of how we grew up.

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